Acoustic Seals

In order that doors can open and close effectively gaps around the sides of a doorleaf are essential.

Unfortunately these gaps can naturally allow sound to pass through and therefore sealing these gaps is critical in reducing the amount of sound entering or leaving a room.

Approved Document E to the Building Regulations provides specific acoustic performance requirements for doors in certain buildings, including schools, care homes and hotels. Exitex have designed and developed a range of effective seal solutions to specifically address acoustic issues and have a tested and proven system for both 30 and 60 minute fire rated doors, non-fire doors, and double-leaf doors.

For fire doors our combined smoke and fire seals provide acoustic protection. For non-fire rated doors, where intumescent protection is not required we have a range of seals including our V Flap Elite, Twin Flipper Self Adhesive and Twin Flipper Pushfit. All of these seals are designed to be fitted across the top and vertical sides of the door.

Sealing the bottom of the door is also vital and a wide choice of threshold seals from our Concealex range, all have proven acoustic performance.

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